Monday, June 1, 2009


To celebrate the paperback release of The Red Queen’s Daughter, a contest is in order. There will be a SPLENDIDLY RED prize for the winner and signed copies of A Sweet Disorder for the two runners up.

Since Red Queen’s debut in October 2007, readers have written to me asking—demanding—desiring—to know what happens next. Once he escapes from prison, where does Edmund Seymour go? Do Edmund and Mary find each other again? These are the two reoccurring questions, and believe me, they tantalize my dreams as well.

So, now it’s your turn.

Between the 1st of June and September 25, I invite you to write what happens AFTER The Red Queen’s Daughter ends. Envision the beginning of the next book. To do so, send an overview of how the book would begin in roughly 500-1,000 words to The most enchanted beginning will earn the winner the SPLENDIDLY RED prize and a posting here. Oh, the runners up will appear there, too!

Let the games—and the magic!—begin.


  1. I have a question about The Red Queen's Daughter - actually, it is a question about the title. Why is Katherine Parr "The Red Queen"? Just curious! The book is amazing - I am working on a review of it for

  2. Oh Medora, thank you. She is the Red Queen because of her hair color, her capacity for passion, and her strong will.

  3. Oh I have a red headed husband and son so red hair is ok with me, LOL I would love to win the Red Queen's daughter, it would fit right in with me and my family, I love to read and re-reae my book over and over so I would make good use of the book if I won it.


  4. I had a question about the book (love it, by the way; found it in BAM a few days ago and couldn't put it down).

    I'm always fond of learning whether or not the literature mentioned in the books I read is factual or fictional. Are any of the books in The Red Queen's Daughter real? I'm speaking of "The Book of Virtues" and the like. :) Thanks so much for writing such great material!